How We Do It

As a WFG associate, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The company, with the guidance of WFG’s seasoned field leaders, has created, built and refined a uniquely powerful platform to help you achieve success, no matter how you define it.

A Platform for Success

WFG Business Platform: A Solid Foundation to Launch, Grow and Expand Your Business
A mentoring leadership model
You consistently learn from the expertise of leaders who have been where you are now and are dedicated to your success.
Numerous training programs are available to get you started in the business and keep you on the path to success.
Administrative support
Corporate headquarters staff help you with consolidated commissions, license and appointment processing, and more.
Access to industry-leading product providers
The broad WFG product portfolio has top-notch financial products so you can provide the appropriate solutions to your clients.
Professional marketing materials
Choose from a wide variety of print and media tools to help you build your business faster.6
Technology resources, including
The WFG platform includes innovative, integrated business tools to help you run your business, connect with other WFG associates across North America, and benefit from 24-hour access to commission statements, information about your business, product provider information, industry updates, company news and more. 7

6,7 - While some of World Financial Group’s marketing materials and technology tools are offered for an additional fee, many are currently available at no cost.

World-Class Events

WFG continually offers training and mentoring events to help you build your business.. Annual company events included:

  • SMD Academy
    When associates achieve a fully qualified promotion to Senior Marketing Director (SMD), they are invited to SMD Academy, an intensive three-day training program at the WFG Corporate Headquarters in Johns Creek, Ga. During the event, SMDs develop advanced leadership and business-building skills along with other key strategies to help them grow their teams and businesses.
  • WFG Convention of Champions
    Each year, WFG welcomes thousands of attendees from across North America to its Convention of Champions, a five-day event filled with dynamic training sessions that equip associates with the information they need to build their businesses . Also, some of the top motivational speakers — representing sports, business, military and other areas — have addressed sold-out crowds at this event, conveying messages of encouragement, inspiration and motivation.
  • Webinars and conference calls
    Frequent webinars and conference calls feature experienced field leaders as well as corporate headquarters executives and staff who offer their knowledge and expertise on building, administering and expanding your business.

Spectacular Reward Trips

With WFG, you can travel the world. The company’s exciting reward trips offer associates opportunities to explore amazing destinations, enjoy exquisite accommodations, and indulge in the finest cuisines. Itineraries are meticulously designed to afford time to relax and to experience the best sights each destination offers. Past adventures have included travel to Hawaii, the Tahitian Islands, Portugal, Spain and the Mediterranean. Associates return from these trips rejuvenated and ready to conquer their goals.

Culture of Recognition

WFG has a deep culture of recognizing achievement. Here are just a few ways you can be recognized:

Success Society
WFG's Success Society honors the company's rising stars who have earned $50,000 in a consecutive12-month period. These associates receive a custom-styled gold WFG Success Society Watch to honor them for this achievement.

$100,000 Ring Club
Associates who earn $100,000 in a consecutive 12-month period receive a unique blue center-stoned ring. Diamonds are added to the ring with each executive-level promotion the inductee achieves. Additionally, the center stone color is changed as the associate attains specified levels of compensation.

Gala Awards Celebration
Be a champion and take the stage in front of WFG associates across North America during the Gala Awards Celebration. During this event, which takes place at WFG's annual Convention of Champions, you have the chance to be recognized for your outstanding business achievements over the past year.

Millionaire Hall of Fame
The Millionaire Hall of Fame honors WFG's top leaders who earn a consecutive 12-month cash flow of $1 million or more. In addition to uniquely styled rings, leaders inducted into this elite group have a custom portrait displayed at WFG's corporate headquarters.

Leaders Bulletin
WFG offers continual business, contest and leadership tracking updated each weekday on, so that associates can see where they stand and how their businesses stack up at any given moment.