What We Do

WFG serves all markets, not just the high net-worth segment. However, WFG's focus from the very beginning has been helping middle-income individuals and families, who are typically underserved by the financial services industry, ensuring they have more sound financial futures.

Create Financial Security

Best-in-Class Products and Services -- For Everyone

WFG associates help clients take advantage of financial solutions from some of the industry’s most respected and well-known product providers. They also assist their clients with developing personalized approaches and solutions, so they may achieve a better tomorrow starting today.

Making a Difference on a Large Scale

While other financial services companies have tried to reach middle-class Americans through their call-center sales teams, WFG associates reach them directly, meeting with them in their living rooms and at their kitchen tables. They connect one-on-one and face-to-face with this huge market of consumers and build long-term client relationships.

Since the volume of potential clients is large, the growth potential for each WFG business is substantial. That’s why the door of opportunity is open for entrepreneurs like you.

Build a WFG business. With the WFG business platform, you can help bring much-needed financial products and services to people of all economic levels.

Welcome Your Experience

WFG offers people from diverse backgrounds and experiences the chance to build solid, thriving financial services businesses. Many WFG associates transitioned to WFG business ownership from careers in:

  • Engineering
  • Computer programming
  • Education
  • Management
  • Accounting

No matter where you are professionally, WFG can help you leverage your talents, capabilities and skills to build a successful financial services business.

Maximize Personal Growth

Building any business is challenging. Your chances for success are greatest when you choose a path that many have taken, learned from, and shared the lessons and strategies that helped them advance to the next level and beyond. WFG’s field-mentoring model is designed to connect you with our best leaders, help you overcome hurdles and maximize your potential.

At WFG, everyone wants you to succeed. Your field leaders work with you to help you achieve your goals. WFG also connects you with other successful business leaders throughout North America. These leaders share insights that can help you solve problems and develop strategies to build your business. Over time, with persistence and dedication to your business, you will discover that you’ve:

  • Developed strong leadership skills and can head up a powerful team of similarly motivated entrepreneurs
  • Become driven to succeed and realized the enormous satisfaction and rewards of helping other achieve their dreams
  • Inspired others who now seek to duplicate your success
Formidable in Business and in Life

As a WFG associate, your personal and professional growth is fueled by continuous development, both formal and informal, in areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Sales
  • Networking
  • Client development

At WFG, as your business grows, you too, can experience profound personal growth.

Your Earning Potential

World Financial Group offers an excellent income opportunity 1, whether you are participating in the business on a part-time2 or full-time basis. WFG's attractive compensation system offers a number of additional incentives including:

  • Trails and renewals
  • Supervisory Overrides3
  • Bonus Pools

To learn more about your income potential, please contact a WFG associate.

Income Calculator

World Financial Group, Inc., (WFG) does not warrant that the results of this calculator are guaranteed or typical. The Income Goal Calculator is a hypothetical illustration and is based on performance assumptions of individuals participating in a WFG office. The output of this tool is for illustrative purposes only, and different individuals within WFG experience varying levels of success.

Assumptions: Income Goal Calculations are based on average commissions on average global indexed universal life sales and assume 70% persistency.

Income Goal Calculator


1 - The World Financial Group Compensation and Promotion Guidelines are subject to change at any time.

2 - Part-time opportunities are not available in all Canadian provinces.

3 - Registered representatives only.

Build Family Legacies

Many successful entrepreneurial ventures are family-run businesses. For that reason, WFG supports and encourages its associates to consider that business structure. In fact, the WFG business model facilitates the involvement of families.

In Business for Their Family - And with Their Family

Families receive exponential returns when they create WFG businesses. Unified behind one set of goals, they make the WFG Opportunity bigger. Their rewards are:

  • More quality time together
  • Greater efficiency by leveraging each member’s unique talents and skills
  • A positive work environment, where individuals develop and prosper with the support of their family members
  • Accelerated achievement of goals
  • A legacy that can be passed through generations

Combining business and family enriches the lives of many associates. Talk to your family; see if this business structure can work for you.

Your WFG business can help you secure your family’s future. As you grow your WFG business, you are creating a lasting legacy that, through WFG’s business ownership program, 4,5 can be passed on and take care of your family for years to come.


4 - Participation in the program requires associates to be in good standing with World Financial Group.

5 - The program is subject to change at any time.